Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Vice(s)

In this greedy materialistic season we call the Holidays, I'd like to announce my vices, aka, what costs me the most wasteful $$$.

In descending order:

5. Gourmet food
4. Chocolate
3. Coffee
2. Target
1. Fashion

5. Gourmet food in the form of spending an hour an a half at the newly opened Whole Foods and spending $8 on a raw harvest sandwich and $10 on organic cocoa powder.

4. I only like dark chocolate above 70% which sometimes is more expensive. And only the good kind.

3. Buying a cup of coffee is luxury enough. I buy coffee like people buy cigarettes. I don't think about the price you're paying if I can just get a cup of black coffee.

2. I never come out of Target without buying only what I need. It's seriously a trap.

1. I have too many shoes, accessories, black tops in varied cuts, dresses I've worn about twice, and most recently, boots. I own many boots even though I live in a city where boots are not necessary. And I don't own flip flops. Go figure.

There. I came clean.

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