Sunday, November 04, 2007

Why I'm not running

I am officially declaring it here: I am not going to run the marathon.

Most of you know that I started running earlier this year in hopes of a possible half or full marathon. All sorts of things happened since then. I've lost weight, my sleeping pattern did a 180 (prime example: it's 6:30AM on a Sunday morning, and I'm writing this entry), and I am now able to run roughly 10 miles.

I guess I can run a half. But I will let all of you know right here that I will NOT run a full marathon. My reasons are simple: I don't want to. I am so content in how running is working my life, that I don't want to do anything that can potentially mess that up. I've heard people getting burnt out after training for something like that, and I do not want to feel burnt out about running. At the moment, it's the only time of day where I have an hour to think about nothing, and where I can listen to an entire episode of Fresh Air without being interrupted. I can't tell you how releasing this experience has been. I won't do anything to change that.

Running has also given me the opportunity to notice things that I would have never realized. There are just things you notice by walking around outside. They are:

1. Skunks like dark places. The rich neighborhoods in my area are dark. Hence, skunks like riches areas. (That is such a potential LSAT question.)
2. Sprinklers are the biggest waste of water. It makes me so sad to see sprinklers on in the rain. And most of them just make puddles on the sidewalks instead of watering the grass.
3. There are more dog poop on the sidewalks in the morning than in the afternoon. People, pick up your shit. Seriously.

There are positive things. I swear. Like, for example, you really do notice the change of the season.

Anyway, this is why I will keep running, but I will not run a marathon.

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