Friday, November 02, 2007

My conflicted relationship with LA

I've said this time and time again, but I have the most conflicted relationship with my dear city Los Angeles.

I love it here. I love being from here. But there are so many things that drive me absolutely crazy about living in this ridiculous city.

The number one thing that I absolutely canNOT STAND about this place is DRIVING. DRIVING in time-wasting, gas guzzling, mother-fucking TRAFFIC.

It's seriously the one thing that is driving me away from this city. (No pun intended.)

I hate the transportation system here as a whole. The bus system blows. A lot of the times, routes don't have a round trip system. It'll have a route one way, and then you have to go an extra step and take 2 more buses to go back to where you originally came from. The train system only covers certain areas. The subways are OK, but they're basically only for Downtown Los Angeles. The freeways are the worst in the country, and it is the most frustrating thing to know that some places that take an hour in traffic is actually only 15 minutes away without it.

How do I survive?

With good public radio stations and a good cup of coffee.

But I am pretty close to moving out of this crazy city because of this dumb ass traffic.

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Susanna said...

i know of a city that will be waiting for you, if/when you're ready to bust out of there and do some bus-ing and walk-ing..........