Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If it makes me old, so be it.

I'm of the generation where laptops were not a normal accessory in a classroom. In undergrad, I never took notes on my laptop. In fact, not many people had laptops.

Now I'm in law school with a bunch of kids younger than me, and I am of a minority when it comes to the methods of note-taking.

I've taken minutes in meetings before on laptops, so it's not as if I don't know how to type out notes. BUT, I know in my gut that I would streamline listen to my professors if I were to do that, instead of taking in what my professors were saying and physically writing it down. Therefore, even it if dates me, I choose to take notes with my hand, my pen (very picky about my pens), and my top-wired notebook (also very picky about my notebooks).

If that makes me old(er), at least I'll be wiser doing it my own way.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So did ya hear?

New York City was on hurricane warning this past weekend. It came and went, and apparently the aftermath is more deadly than the actual storm.

Anyway, it was my first natural disaster that I had to endure on my own. I searched the city far and wide for a flashlight and battery-powered/hand-cranked radio but I came up empty handed. In place, I had my semi-broken iPod Nano and candles with Jesus and Virgin Mary all over them.

My mom suggested that I get a flashlight and radio even after the storm past, for the next weather-related event. New York is kind of prone to weather extremes. My mom then offered to send it to me, since I'm lacking on free time right now with law school. I got the package today, and I am now officially ready for a storm. I just have to make sure not to eat my storm food and use my storm baby wipe stock.

Monday, August 29, 2011

10 years since Aaliyah's passing

If I had to choose 3 artists that defined my adolescence, Aaliyah would definitely be one of them. I loved everything she did. I loved her music, her dancing, and her movie. She was a softer part of R&B that was happening in the 90s, and my friends and I used to idolize her.

Right before I found out about her plane crash, my best friend and I were singing her song "One in a Million" along the Universal City Walk. We had just met a guy who was really cute, which was a rare event, once in a million opportunities. We were being so careless and free, acting a fool while singing and prancing along the City Walk. I came home that night, turned on the TV, and found out that my pop culture idol had died. It was devastating, and I watched Ananda Lewis on MTV report what had happened for the next several hours.

Aaliyah used to do this thing in her music videos, where she would part her hair sideways, hide on her eyes with her side bang, and cover the bang and her eyes with a pair of sunglasses. It looks ridic here, but it's just my homage to a women who was just about to launch into mega star-hood. She's still one of my favorite artists today, and her songs are still some of my favorites, and makes me nod my head to her beats.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

law school starts!

Law school starts tomorrow! I'm discovering that I really don't hate reading, and I'm kind of ahead on my reading assignments. I can't say that I definitively don't hate reading, because I don't want to jinx it. The sippy cup is helping me hydrate/stay awake while I read about criminal law, but I'm encouraged that the sippy cup isn't necessary to keep me interested.

Monday, August 08, 2011