Saturday, December 01, 2007


I was going to write yesterday to wrap up November and look back on my attempt of writing here regularly. But alas, I fell asleep, like always.

This November was great. I got to spend some time in New York City and enjoy actual fall, and was surprised to see some autumn colors back here in LA on my many runs. Thanksgiving was nice and relaxed as always. I love my family's Thanksgiving. No one cooks, therefore no one cleans up. There's no leftovers, which some people may find as blasphemy, but that also means that we can go back to healthy eating that night for dinner.

I love November because it's subtle. It's the beginning of "the most wonderful time of the year" but it's less apparent. December is so in-your-face about it that it turns me off a lot of times. I think I get turned off by a lot of things that are in-your-face. For example, I know how important it is to be environmentally friendly. I think I've been more of a conservationist than some (Peter can attest to that because he constantly complains about my collection of plastic yogurt containers). But this year, when everything got branded "green" and all those celebrities started yapping about being friendly to the environment (while still flying their private jets and driving in limos) (although I consider Al Gore as an exception - plus, he's not really an average celebrity) I got really turned off from all the hoopla because it just felt... phony. Even if it's for a good cause, if everyone is doing it because it's suddenly hip, I get some what annoyed with it.

I feel like that during this holiday season too. You hear all these commercials and programs about giving back to the community, toy and food drives, volunteering and such. People are in "the giving spirit" and are pouring into places with money and canned food. That's so great and everyone appreciates it. But it's once a year. Only once a year, people will give. We get a delivery of canned food this time of year that we stretch out until the next holiday season. It's definitely better than nothing. And I'm so thankful about it. But once in a while, when I suddenly hear a butt-load of these holiday-oriented charity events, I can't help but occasionally feel bitter and wonder about the rest of the year. It's hypocritical of me too, because I certainly didn't do something charitable every month. I still don't. But when I hear about different great organizations running out of money and not being able to function in March compared to the great giving hoopla happening right now, I suppose cynicism can't be avoided. At least not for me. Is this what people call a Grinch?

I suppose that is why I like November much more than December. Because it's slightly, only slightly, under the radar.

In other news, we bought new furniture during the Black Friday sale at Ikea:

Can you see our furniture, or are you distracted by our good looks?

And I'd like to show you my new favorite staple in my everyday meals:

Slow cooked tomatoes! They are so easy to make and the best addition to anything.


yv said...

can we have a holiday potluck at your place and sit on your goodlooking selves, i mean, furniture?

ep said...

slow cooked tomatoes look delish! except im tomatoed out for the year. i was swimming in tomatoes from june-september.