Thursday, November 15, 2007

JoWriMo gone wrong.

There has been a halt to my JoWriMo, caused by my utter stupidity.

I left my journal on the plane coming back from NYC....GAAAAAAAAAAHHH. I've contacted the airline, airport, and posted a lost item note online... Now, I'm just waiting. I feel as dumb as how Yo-yo Ma must have felt when he left his cello in a cab. But he got his cello back, so I'm hoping I'm just as lucky.


I went to NYC this weekend. Seriously... I hate leaving that place. I've been talking people's ears off about how I should live there some day, so I won't torture you guys any longer. My desire to escape is heightened by this disgusting weather we're having in LA. 80+ degrees in mid-November????????? Fuck that shit. I really hate it.

I spent most of my time visiting friends, because apparently, I have a lot of friends who live on that side of the country.

One day... One day, I will be close to them.


I had that cup of coffee at the cutest little cafe that reminded Carmen of this old deli/cafe we had at out college. I had the best blackout cake, and am now vowing not to touch any other cake unless it's just as dark as a blackout. Or if it's cheesecake. I love cheesecakes.

Come to think of it, those pictures make it look like I spent my time in the woods, and not the city. (Central park is like a twilight zone in the city.)

Here's one more to prove that I was in a urban area:

I heart public transportation...

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