Sunday, September 11, 2011

What today has been like

I did what I usually do today. I did a semi-long run across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan, while listening to Weekend Edition on WNYC. Today, they did a little bit of Weekend Edition, and then switched over to live coverage of the 911 Memorial, including 6 moments of silences tolled by bells.

I was just at the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge when the first one went off at 8:46AM with lower Manhattan in perfect view. I stopped, went to the side, and participated in the moment with those near the World Trade Center. Just like 10 years ago, it was a blue clear bright day, even though the weather forecast expected some rain showers.

I proceeded with the rest of the day with constant reminders of what had happened 10 years ago, and also with the reminder that fall was around the corner.

I threw on a fall-colored scarf to welcome the fall, and to respect what this time of year means to a lot of people in this city.

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