Sunday, September 25, 2011


There is not a lack of bakeries in New York City, and I've managed to find a favorite bakery in each neighborhood that I've lived in (which is just... 2... ).

My current favorite bakery is Damascus Bakery in Cobble Hill, because they bake the most amazing pillow-y pita bread I have ever tasted. PLUS! They're A DOLLAR A BAG. A DOLLA.

I go by the bakery on the weekend after my long run. Today, the man behind the counter smiled when he saw what a sweaty mess I was. He said, "This will give you plenty of energy!" and handed me a warm bag of pita and my change.

I mean... I don't even stand a chance.

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yv said...

I think I've been there....amazing. Nothing rivals the smell of freshly baked bread stuffs.