Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another cool thing about being a student... access to Amazon Student!

With free 2-day shipping, there is just no reason for me to do substantial shopping outside of the online market. No wonder physical retail stores are collapsing.

It's like a present I give myself. I came home to a package today, and it perked up my night.

In other news, it is currently 57 degrees outside, and tomorrow's expected high is 67 degrees. Good bye, summer, HELLO AUTUMN I LOVE YOU YOU'RE MY FAVORIIITTEE!


Y said...

YES....I've been enjoying Amazon student these few days and have been "surprising" myself every day with a new package. The most hilarious thing I've bought myself so far is a motorcycle helmet that folds my ears down and that makes me covet oxygen. Viva!!!

Lisa said...

ummm. so one of my impulse purchase was a USA-made le creuset silicon spatula set... it was totally a bargain ($25 for 3), but i was SEVERELY tempted to go beyond the bargain. this can get dangerous.

Y said...

Definitely a power that you need to use sparingly. But in the meantime, enjoy your spatulas!