Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I don't like rain.

It's raining a lot today.

I have a theory. Those who "looooooove rain! <3 :D :D :D" have never been in a living situation where you have to deal with rain. And by to deal with, I mean not get to hide in your car, and have to walk in it regardless of how much it rains and pours. The way I feel about rain is the way most of you feel about ants: I only approve of it for its ecological purpose. Otherwise, I don't like it. I've never liked rain, even when living in LA. It also makes me laugh when people living in LA buy rain boots. You guys have a gigantic rain boot called a car.

I think I don't like rain because I don't like getting partially wet. I also don't like water rides at amusement parks, because you're partially wet for the rest of the day. Rain makes me not want to do things, and I really don't like being unproductive.

I admit, I dislike rain in NY less than in LA for one reason. There's less chance of me causing harm (i.e. me driving in the rain) here in New York than in LA.

Still. I don't like rain.


y said...

inconvenient, too, when shuttling the week's food supply back to the cave. as if grocery shopping in nyc wasn't hard enough! be well!

Lisa said...

come visit after this first year! we'll do a julia and julia movie night with cheese and bread from zabars.

Peter J Kuo said...

I LOVE the rain...did we ever talk about this? I'm the opposite, being hot makes me want to do nothing...so I hate the heat.