Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I made a smoothie. It was delicious. The reason why there's a ring of nothing-ness at the top of the cup is because I savagely scraped off the remains of the smoothie with my finger. It was that good.

I made a smoothie because I had to think of a way to get rid of this gigantic tub of NASTY soy yogurt I bought. I bought soy yogurt because, guess what? I think I might be slightly lactose intolerant.


I just made this discovery 2 days ago (which is when I made this smoothie). I had been feeling some discomfort for the last couple of months, and I couldn't figure out why, since I eat pretty healthy. I started taking out different food groups to see what it was that was causing me to feel funky. Beans? Nope. Raw vegetables? Nope. (Thank goodness.) Nuts? Nope. ( Double thank goodness. I think I'd be SO SO SO sad if I became allergic to peanuts.) And then finally, 2 days ago, I went diary-free for the day. What do you know. It was the cow.

I was kind of sad, since I ate yogurt religiously. So I went to my local Whole Foods and bought the cheapest soy yogurt there and was HIGHLY disappointed when I tasted it. It was bitter, watery, and had this aftertaste that resembled plastic. I hated it, but what I hate more is wasting food, so I had to figure out some way to use it. Enter smoothie.

I made the smoothie with the soyogurt (which is what the tub said), blueberries, strawberries, banana, honey, and the magic ingredient: peanut butter. It made it into this thick textured thing, and was very enjoyable with a spoon.

I'm glad to have found a way to get rid of that crap, but still am slightly sad about my new (mostly) dairy-free life.

Anyone know of a good soy yogurt brand?


Patrick said...

oh man. i've been drinking smoothies and shakes 2x/day for like 3 years now. can't help with the soyogurt though, sorry. if it's any consolation, apparently lactose slightly inhibits the muscle-building process, so soy-yogurt might be better for your runs. er, running. hee hee.

peanut butter (especially organic peanut butter) is godlike in smoothies and shakes though. my favorite shake is:

200ml whole milk
1 frozen banana
1-2tbsp rolled oats
1tbsp organic peanut butter (i usually use the kirkland brand)
2 scoops chocolate or vanilla flavored protein powder (yum.)


Lisa said...

pat -

mmmmmm... i don't have protein powder on hand, but i do love the berry combination with the peanut butter so i might just try your smoothie mix with berry instead of powder.

the smoothie was amazing too, because i literally was not hungry for 5 straight hours after eating/drinking that thing.

is peanut butter expensive over in japan?

yvonne said...

if it's true that your body is hating on the lactose, at least you can still eat some good iberico or manchego! cheese has little to none lactose! that sounds very grammatically incorrect somehow. i'm not sure how to fix that. btw, when are we doing wensleydale party????

AND- thank goodness black bean brownies don't have lactose either.

Patrick said...

peanut butter is way expensive. :(