Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Sorry for the boring and depressing entries. I'm doing alright, thanks to many things.

Overall, things are turning out to be OK, and it's especially because my friend came up to hang out with me two days in a row, and slept over. She asked me what I wanted to do, and I answered that I wanted to cook. I have always loved cooking, but it has been even more therapeutic lately, especially because I've discovered the wonders of vegan cookbooks, specifically Veganomicon and Vive Le Vegan.

No, I'm not quite vegan, nor vegetarian. I'm a flexitarian, but I'm telling you, these two books are amazing for everyone because they don't rely on scary processed soy things. I would show you pictures of what I've cooked so far, but I eat it all before I can document what I've made. (For the record, I've been eating the chickpea quinoa pilaf all week for lunch, and have been eating Dreena's hummus for dinner. Chickpeas galore.) What I love about these books is that I love the ingredients. Is that possible? It's not so much the recipes, but the ingredients are wholesome. Of course, the recipes are innovative, but the natural ingredients they use to make things vegan are really inspiring.

Anyway, these are a bunch of words, and I know what you want to see are pictures. So, to show you exactly what I mean from my last entry (when I said that my friends make me laugh in such a great way), here is a picture text that my friend sent me to demonstrate how great it would be to go hiking. She was at her workplace, and apparently busy as hell.


Louie said...

i went straight to the picture without reading the text. i had no idea what the picture was. dude, you should come up here. theres like 2 billion hiking trails within a 30min radius. hell, theres one in our backyard.

Lisa said...


i do want to visit soon, actually. it's too chaotic here lately.