Tuesday, March 25, 2008

1 year later!

There is a reason for this NAAASTA-funk photo.  (If you're curious, that's a picture of me right after a hardcore run.  My friend was so amazed with the amount of sweat on my body, that she whipped out her camera to document.  In my defense, it was a warmer than usual morning with lots of dew.)

I realized that this month will mark my 1 year anniversary since I started running.

WOOP WOOP!  Rejoice! 

Just a year ago, I was huffing and puffing while barely finishing 3 miles around my neighborhood park.  I was impressed when I finally hit 5 miles.  And here I am.  My max is currently a little less than 11 miles, and I Feel. SO. Good. 

Ask me a couple of years ago, and I would have told you that I am a water person and cannot do exercise on land.  You couldn't have paid me to go running.  Now, I am completely convinced that anyone can do it, once they get over that excruciating hump.  

I've gone through slight knee pains, falls, and near passing-out moments.  I've been rained on (and I mean POURED on - it was just me and this old man on a bicycle outside on this particular rainy day, and he yelled at me, "We're both fucking craaazyyy!"), and I've been running when it was close to 100 degrees outside.  I've ran during the night (which my friend gave me shit for every day, saying that it was unsafe) and I've been running before the sun comes up (which is equally dark and dangerous, probably). 

All in all, I've loved every moment of it.  And I love how it makes me feel during, and especially, after.  It's really interesting to understand your  body's limit, and how long your body could actually be in motion. 

The best thing (aside from the rumored Runner's High - yes, it exists) is when people I've only met for a couple of times label me as "active" or "athletic".  I was never the athletic type, and always always wanted to be.  (Just to show you how NOT athletic I was, all throughout high school, my main source of physical activity was marching band.  One time at band camp... anyone?)  Whenever someone tells me that I am, I instantly look around and then have to remember that they're referring to me.  

I've been just focusing on actually lasting the mileage, but I might start looking into my speed.  Although, speed has never been my thing.  I hate competition, and it's good enough for me to know that I've completed a run, regardless of how fast I've gone.  We'll see. 

Yayyyyyy.  ( Doing a little dance - and what do you know - running around the apartment cheering for myself.) 


Simple and Divine said...

Go get 'em girl! that's amazing...I'm not only impressed but inspired! I need to get back onto the running train...I got up to 6 miles, but unfortunately, I stopped due to achy knees and though I'm still exercising, I would like to get back to running! (PS) I'm SO glad someone else sweats like a ahem...BEAST? I sweat enough to hydrate a third world country, it's quite alarming haha

Have a Great Day Lisa!

Betsy said...

yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! don't you just love running? all those little runs you described where you encounter every situation possible makes it just better and better. congrats!

and keep on going.

Lisa said...

Thanks, you two! I really appreciate it, you have no idea.

Hope you guys have a great weekend! (Am I ahead of myself? It's still Thursday...)