Sunday, March 02, 2008

Testosterone and/or Men

Today, I wanted to talk about shit that I don't understand. Like, at all. Like testosterone and men. (Do you hate how I use the word 'like'? Tough luck. I'm part of the 'like' generation, and so are you.)

I was listening to "This American Life" on my run this weekend. (This is my new favorite podcast - sometimes I find myself literally LOL-ing mid-run. I seldom use LOL in online conversations because I rarely actually laugh out loud.) The topic was testosterone. The show told several stories about how testosterone affected people. There was a man who, because of a deficiency, didn't produce testosterone for 4 months, another former women who became a man through testosterone shots, a contest of who in the "This American Life" staff had the most testosterone, and an interview of a 15 year-old boy by his mother. It was really funny and fascinating. For example, the transgendered guy said that after his "T-shots", he had an increased aptitude for science. WTF?! That's just crazy and kind of disheartening.

Testosterone is fascinating, and so are men. The other thing the transgendered guy said was, that he suddenly had jolts of sexual desires and aggressive sexual images in most random moments, instead of the narrative he used to have in his head when he was a woman. When he saw an attractive woman when he was a woman, he would talk to himself about what she might be like, how he would approach her, etc. etc. But once he became a man, he just had pornographic images and just a sensation of desire.

I don't GEEETT IT. How do you function like that?

I was talking to a group of co-workers on Friday. Just a random conversation. Two guys and two girls, including me. We were talking about this one co-worker who is currently pregnant. She's gorgeous (like, model-gorgeous), and most guys already find her pretty attractive. But one of the guys told us that she's even hotter because she's pregnant. He then asked my co-worker and me, "Dude, are you guys going to be hot when you're pregnant?"

Really?? I don't understand.

It's the first time I've heard about this pregnant women fascination. The other guy, who is more mild in temperament, agreed too. Is it because pregnancy is the ultimate feminine state? (Aside from things like menstruation. Haha, what a way to kill sexual desire. I know how to do that very well.)
This must be because of testosterone too. Finding something crazy, desirable.

The guy who had the testosterone deficiency on the show described himself of having no desire, no ambition, and no subjective opinion when he didn't produce testosterone. He said that he had the most literal understanding of things. He saw a tree, he thought, tree. When he saw a woman, he thought, woman, instead of Object I'd Like To Fuck.

I suppose you men really do have things controlled by this crazy hormone (and some women - women have testosterone too). I'm somewhat jealous and yet also glad that I don't have such things controlling me all the time.

Here are some proofs that you have a lot of testosterone. Compare and see how you fit:
- baldness
- competitiveness
- love of performing
- desire
- decisiveness

I think I might have very little testosterone, even as a girl. I have so much hair, it's not even funny. My shower drain sometimes looks like Chewbacca's head. I HATE competition. Like, hate. I don't perform, ever. And lately, I'm too tired to desire anything. And I'm pretty indecisive.

Perhaps I should get "T-shots" to get me places, huh? Is that a chauvinistic idea?

The end.


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