Thursday, April 03, 2008

When it's worth it.

Do you know that scene in "Ratatouille" when that girl chef tells tells the dopey boy chef that it's important to clean as you go when cooking? I just don't understand how that's possible. That's what my kitchen looks like when I've got things organized. Maybe it's because my way of cooking is all over the place to begin with, so organizing will be counter-intuitive. In fact, it is. I bet if I cleaned as I went, my food would taste like ass.

I'm definitely a cook more than a baker, mainly because I do things by taste as opposed to measuring. But lately, I've been baking more often. Vegan baking to be exact. Do you know why? Because in vegan baking, you can taste the batter without fear of consuming unnecessary bacteria, and therefore room for improvising. To a certain extent. I never mess with the amount of liquid or dry ingredients, because I am no where near the scientist you need to be to start tampering with that kind of shiz.

Anyhoo, I've started baking on Thursdays, because we have staff meetings on Fridays, and my co-workers have become loyal tasters of my baking adventures. This week, I'm going to see how they like some soy-yogurt pound cake. (Yes, all of that yogurt is GONE!)

Usually, the ones that like my baking the most are those people with a bit of a sweet tooth. I hate to generalize, but the majority of them are my female co-workers. My male co-workers will make small complimentary comments, but usually they're not as interested.

One day, though, one of my soft-spoken male co-workers turned to me quite randomly. He said, "You know what, Lisa? You know what I want? That chocolate orange cake you made last week. I really want some with a glass of milk."

When he said that, it made me so happy. He actually doesn't even like sweets that much, yet he thought of my cake (well, her cake). That little comment he made makes all of my baking attempts so worth it. I don't even care if I eat what I make. If someone else is reminded of pleasure when the thought of my food enters their head, that's just... FAAABUUUlous. I'll make all the mess in the kitchen in the world for them.


Louie said...

i want some soy-yogurt pound cake. grad present?

Simple and Divine said...

Bahah... I love this post =]

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. Whenever I make someone's day happier with food, I'm in the feel good mood (sorry dumb rhyme). Anyway, cool blog!

that's a mess

Betsy said...

my kitchen looks like that every time i cook-even if i'm just making pb&j. i don't really know how it happens.

Carmen said...

id like to order one cake please. Express delivery to NYC

Lisa said...

i'll really bake if you really will eat it. want some?

thanks for always reading! :)

oh, that is not even close to the mess i usually create. that is on it's way to clean, believe me.

it's funny how that works, ain't it? my kitchen looks like that every morning when i make oatmeal, and all that requires is a microwave. i don't get it.

i shall have a loaf at your door when i visit next time.