Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Insignificant and Significant Things

Merry Xmas, everyone!

The holidays are pretty much over now. Let me tell you, we done FEASTED like no other.

The Spread:

The no-knead bread that I baked. I baked. Can you believe it? And it actually came out looking like a loaf of meaty bread. If I could do this, anyone from Britney to lizards could bake this bread.

Those brussel sprouts are not burned. It's coated with reduced balsamic vinegar. Just FYI, because I made it.

OK. HOLD UP. This. This above here, is my favorite Spanish food, EVER. Forget paella, chorizo, the jamon. Fuck it all, THIS. This is where it's at. It's mild Spanish goat cheese with membrillo preserve. It's quince. It's salty and sweet and soft, and basically what I love most in life. Best eaten with a slice of white porous bread, like the magical one that I baked. I wasn't talking for half of the meal because I was stuffing my face with this stuff. I don't really talk when I'm eating something I'm enjoying.

And finally, fresh blueberries, Japanese cheesecake that my sister's BF gave us, and a vegan Chai apple cake that I baked.

So now that the year is about to end, it's time to look back or look forward, whichever you roll. Lots of crap happened this year. I moved out, basically got started with my job, started running, lost weight, and everyone started getting married. On the more insignificant side of things, I was introduced to a show called Ace of Cakes and I permed my hair. All of the aforementioned affected my daily life in some way this year, which is why I wanted to recognize it.

Resolution? Mmmmm, nothing drastic. Just keep doing what I'm doing, and perhaps in a slightly more organized manner. That's all.

I hope everyone's holiday (whether it be Xmas, Christmas, Pagan Sun God celebration, or what have you) was relaxed and joyous. See you at work tomorrow.

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Patrick said...

aw man that bread looks delicious. hook me up with a recipe?

-pat m.