Sunday, September 23, 2007

Last Sunday, and This Sunday

Last Sunday was hiLAARRious, in a dark family comedy kind of way.

It all started when my family sans my brother were getting ready to go to Long Beach to attend the JACL dinner show that my sister was MC-ing.

My sister is crazy, and she agreed to do this gig immediately after coming back from a retreat in Palms Springs. Naturally, she was running late, and after I worked my Fairy Godmother Magic and made her presentable, she ran out of the house first and hopped on to my mom's MPV. (She had to be there an hour before.)

20 minutes later, she calls the house and informs us that the engine light turned on and the car was making clackity noises. She exited off of the 710 on to Lynwood, and my dad drove to go trade cars. He informed us to come after him to make sure that we have back-up. So, 15 minutes after that, my mom and I drove after him on the 710 southbound.

My sister and my dad traded cars, and she sped off and made it safely to Long Beach. My dad circled around the area and decided that the car was atleast mobile enough to drive back to his office. He called us and asked us to meet him there, which meant that we had to turn back around the freeway.

As my mom got off the freeway and tried to get on the opposite direction, a car rear-ended us. BOOM. (Flashbacks galore!) The driver of the car got out, and motioned for us to pull over on the right. We obliged, only to realize that the car made the most illegal U-turn ever and sped off. I got out of the car, shaking my fist in the air (literally), when a homeless woman approached me. She was yelling at me saying, "I KNOW THAT FUCKER!! I KNOW HIM!! HE DRIVES HERE EVERYDAY! THAT FUCKER!" and asks me to give her my phone number so she can call me and give me the license plate number. I stood there for a good 3 minutes trying to calm her down, when another car pulled over in front of us. A young guy came out, and asked if everything was ok, because from the streets, it looked like this woman was attacking me. I said, no we're all fine, and got back in the car and headed north to meet up with my dad.


My dad called us, and before I could tell him that we've been hit, he reported that the engine died and he is stranded on the freeway. He asked us to meet him there. We found him on the freeway, parked on the side, and called AAA and waited there for an hour before they came to tow the car. The image is totally Little Miss Sunshine-esque. We're all in our nice clothes on the side of the freeway with two busted cars, one with a giant dent, and another with the hood popped up and smoke coming out of it. It was so hilarious, that I took pictures (which is trapped in my mom's digital camera).

Needless to say, we never made it to Long Beach. We had sushi instead.

So that was last sunday.

This weekend was infinitely better, and I took full advantage of the rain. I made it to the farmer's market today, and bought some cheap white peaches and Gala apples. I even found a non-sweetened Chai mix at Trader Joe's, which was something I've been searching for. It was the perfect rainy weekend. I also went to go see a musical that Peter produced, and if you're in the LA area, you should check it out!!! It was really good; a great community theatre atmosphere. For more info, check it out here. -->

I love LA for its produce. I live walking distance (literally 3 minutes) to the local farmer's market. If I had a Trader Joe's next door and a train station close by, I think I would be sublimely happy.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and hopefully no one was involved in a rain induced accident.


Anonymous said...

what the hell!?! Did the homeless woman ever call you?

Anonymous said...

That was me btw - Dave

Anonymous said...

you and your life are hilarious. you set a new standard. arizali!

Anonymous said...

that was me btw - Yvonne