Monday, October 01, 2007

What Peter and I do

When the stars align, and Peter and I are in the apartment together, this is how we entertain ourselves, if we are not parked in front of the television.

This weekend was kind of hectic! Another success at the farmer's market, though. I've got a bag of squashes and zucchinis this week. Tonight is roasted zucchini sandwich. I think I might try to make curry with the other stuff. I'm quite fond with ground coriander these days.

P.S. That chai mix I bought last week was disgusting. I think I should just stick with actual chai tea and a little milk. I do not approve.

1 comment:

Peter Kuo said...

Haha...we're freaks. I mean FREAKS.

Maybe one day we'll be Gold Medal Olympians...When we're dead!