Monday, March 26, 2007

My 10 little secrets.

1. I'm intensively fickle. What that means is, I will be into something intensively, but there's no way of telling how long I will be interested in whatever it was that took so much of my time. Usually, on one sunny day, I'll be over it. No explanations, I just move on. I honestly can say that there is not one thing in my life that I've liked all my life. Well, besides my family and friends.

2. I hate driving. This is no surprise. But what I hate even more than driving, is driving with people in my car. It's not that I hate giving people rides, but I'm always afraid of an accident and hurting people because of me.

3. I'm mean. I'm actually very mean to my closest friends. I'm so mean, that I actually hurt people some times. I'm really trying to be careful.

4. I drink my coffee black. I like dark chocolate with above 75% cocoa. Recently, I've been really turned off by sweet drinks like juice, and blended coffee drinks.

5. I eat like a dog, in the sense that I eat the same thing over and over and over again. Leftovers are my fave. More specifically, cold leftovers are awesome in my book.

6. I'm ridiculously lazy when it comes to eating. I don't like really spicy food because eating something and thinking it's spicy at the same time is tiring. When I eat a sandwich, I really value that everything in the sandwich be the same consistency. I don't like it when I have to chew extra for one thing in a sandwich. This is why I like creamy peanut butter.

7. Despite my general laziness with eating, I'm also a budding foodie. I say I don't like things, but there is nothing that I can't and won't eat.

8. I don't like watching movies in the theatres. I usually only watch about 1 or 2 movies a year in the theatres. I should go more often... I guess.

9. I have more things that I don't like then things I like. I'd like to change that.

10. I'm pretty happy right now.

Those are 10 of my little idiosyncrasies. Tell me yours! I will personally tag Carmen, because she's the only one that I know of that has Blogger. Plus, she's pretty specific.

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