Sunday, March 04, 2007

I told you I'd write again.

Here are some pictures of my new bedroom:
Grown up bed!! That photo behind me (jumping on my bed) is a picture my grandfather took in the late 60's when he moved to New York for a couple of years. It's a beautiful picture of a skyscraper and one of my favorite things that I "own". It's actually not officially mine (yet) but we'll see. I schlepped it from Tokyo when we found it in my grandfather's old apartment after he passed away. Isn't it purrrrty?

One of my favorite new things that I've bought. A tree to hang things. It's from Ikea, which means that everyone my age probably owns one. I can say that 2/3 of the necklaces I own were given to me by either my grandma or my great-aunt. What can I say, I like big flashy things. I do I do.

That's all for now!!!


Anonymous said...

huzzah! whoa. your website is magically bad. it turned off the power in my flat just as i got to the comments page. But that's not true as it was my my flatmate who blew out a fuse. Whoopee!!!

you're ::sniff:: grown up with a place apart from your 'rents.


Carmen said...

new bed, same cat poop stained bedspread

Susanna said...

my grown up bed is my favorite thing. you had that photo up before, no? it looks so familiar. more pictures!!! fun fun fun!

Anonymous said...

Mas. Mas!!! (Y, again)