Sunday, April 01, 2007


Ever since I started working, I feel like I've been better at taking advantages of Sundays'. When you're in school, Sunday is Homework Day, but when you're working, you can fully relax. Unless you're a crazy work-a-holic like my roommate, who is feverishly working on some sort of work-related project right now.

But yeah. I like Sundays a lot more recently. Usually, it begins with a fresh cup of coffee (black) and my laptop (white) as I go down the NY Times website (too cheap to actually subscribe for a paper copy). Then, I call up someone and someone is usually available to hang out. I go out on a run, and get my errands done, and voila! Perfect Sunday. Me loves it.

Today was a Sad Sunday, though, because my baby-boo Hannah is leaving us again for a couple of months. This time, though, Nudy and I will be visiting her in July! Finally, our long dream of travelling together will be realized.

I also got a haircut today. Me loves it.

Peace y'all and say hello to Monday. And April!!!


Louie said...

you sound like an adult.

Carmen said...

I miss the Thank You India hair.