Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I'm delirious because it's late, but I'm sticking to my guns when I say that I'm going to make this a regular habit.

This will be a BLAarrrrg instead of a blog, though. I can't think of anything and I'm sleepy. But work is good, and it's keeping me sane because I like it and I love the people I work with.

My main issue with work has been how to handle people who just can't function in society. They may not have a definable disability or disorder to get them some sort of government aid, but they just can't do what "normal" people are supposed to do. Mainly, they just can't take care of themselves in one way or another. My constant battle with these people has been to help them in the long run while not getting irritated or frustrated with them. At the moment, it's an uphill battle. But I am determined. I'm determined to make the right assessment and succeed.

My main release of stress has been my iPod. I am currently addicted to the NPR podcast, namely Fresh Air. I love working out while listening to it. In addition, Alejandro Sanz and Shakira's "Te Lo Agradezco, Pero No" has been on HEAVY HEAVY rotation as well. I just LURRRRVE that song. Every morning, I listen to the Spanish radio station to kind of get into the mode of speaking Spanish (which I won't need any more because my Spanish speaking clients have been reduced....sad) and it makes my day when this song comes on.

Oh, about the reduction of Spanish clients... Well, due to changes in the office (namely staff leaving) people have been shifted around to fill the gaps. I've been transfered to work more with senior citizens, and the main group of people we serve are Japanese speaking ones. They need more Japanese speaking and writing staff, so... here I am. I'm going to at least keep listening to Spanish radio, though, because it will at least be some form of practice.

I'm admittedly sad about the change, though. I was doing alright with my old job. I'm enjoying my new job as well, but... Spaanissshhh!!! Que me hablen en espanol!! No quiero dejarloooooooooooooo. Si tu hablas espanol, dejame comentarios en espanol, para que yo pueda comunicar de alguna manera. Te lo digo en serio, porque si no... voy a llorar. Llorare tanto, tanto hasta que te sientes culpable. No quieres hacerme dano, verdad? No lo creo. Nope!

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