Saturday, December 30, 2006


2006 in Pictures

London for H-Bomb's birthday. It was one of the most laugh-filled weekend I've ever had.

Spanish cat Sebastian fell out of the our 5th floor window and plummeted to the floor. He came out with a split lip and a dislocated leg. The above picture was taken immediately after his vet visit, and he is hopped up on some feline version of pain killers.

(An image to show his recovery. Although, it was discovered later on that he had Feline Leukemia. Life is cruel.)

This image portrays the Best Idea Award of 2006. Idea: Doing the Robot in Rabat, Morocco.

All sorts of good nights were had in Madrid.

I had the best birthday in years. (My lovelies above, watching me blowing out the candles.)

I made priceless new friends in a country that has become so close to my heart. (Cheesy much? Manchengo cheesy.)

I came back to my amazing friends, two of which shacked up together, one who immediately left for Shanghai, and another that just continued being kicked around.

I also went to Japan for the first time in years. (That's a picture of me taking a picture in the AMAZING bathroom with toilet seats with lids that open automatically in Tokyo.)

And after doing some mind numbing temp work, I finally landed a job that allowed me to have a business card, while doing things I actually like with interesting people. One of my boss used to be the campaign manager for Jesse Jackson (when he was cool).

And finally...

My dog turned 10 years old yesterday, which is a mile stone in Dog Years. He's too dark to be visible in this picture, but we had very limited time to take it, because we were dangling a piece of prime rib to get his attention. We had about 2 seconds before he jumped for the kill.

Full year I must say! Since I spent half of it in Spain, I feel like 2006 was split into two different time periods in my life. I have no expectations for 2007, but only hopes that it will treat me well.

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