Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Job.

I love my new job, but damn... it's pretty hard.

First off, my Spanish... oh.. my Spanish. You see, I'm used to having daily conversations in Spanish. Shit about the weather, clothes, restaurants, gossip. etc etc. My friends back in Spain taught me well about all the colloquial terms and dirty cuss words I should know. ( I have an entire notebook to prove it.) But, never in our conversation did the topic of taxes and welfare come up, and that's what I'm dealing with right now. I thought I knew my Spanish, but I've been humbled down to become a stupid Asian Gringa.

I know this will fix itself with time, unless I'm an Asian Gringa to the core. I hope I'm not, because I do want to do this job well.

Secondly, the difference between the workload with this job and the last temp I had is like the sun and moon. I'm pretty happy about that, but I come home pretty tired. Again, something I should get used to.

But so far, the commute is great (which is SO important here in LA), my co-workers are all incredibly sweet, and my boss is hilarious.

I have a positive disposition about this new job. Wish me well.

In addition, some holiday pictures with me and the Mo, aka future roommate.

Pretty huh. I love the smell of Christmas trees.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! And, here's a huge ass Hanukkah menorah for my Jewish homies:

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Louie said...

i wanna smell the tree!