Sunday, December 17, 2006

Someone cure me.

I don't know when it first began, and I don't know how to fix it, but since about a month ago I am even more scared of driving on highways than before.

I'm a bad driver. There's no point in lying, because it's pretty clear how poorly I drive. I hate adding to the Asian and female stereotype, but I am that woman you hate on the road. The slow one. The one who breaks for no reason. The one who slows down all the time before switching lanes and takes forever and a half doing it. I am all those things.

Therefore, I rarely drive on the freeway, for the better of the people. I'm better that way. We're all so much better that way.

Lately, on top of my previous aversion of driving in general, I've developed an inexplicable fear of speeding and driving on freeways. There is not a moment that I'm not nervous while on the road. I drive behind trucks to justify my slow speed. I'm genuinely afraid of the other cars on the road.

I try to track back when this all began, because despite everything, I was never this nervous. I've been in several car accidents, some more major than others. But, I think the decisive moment was when I actually saw a jeep swerve three lanes to the left, crash into the car in front and then to the ramp, consequently exploding into flames. A possible fatal accident. I couldn't drive home that night and ended up staying the night at my friend's house. People see accidents everyday so I don't know why I'm still freaked out.

Someone hypnotize me, train me, cure me from this anxiety. Sometimes, I decide not to go places because of the fear of going on freeways. You can imagine how impairing this is living in Los Angeles. It's SO annoying. I'm genuinely pleading for some kind of help. Let me know if you are my savior.

On a lighter note, I celebrated the first night of Hanukkah with some friends. Leanne brought these Hanukkah glasses that made everything Jewish. Let me demonstrate:

Regular Christmas Lights:

Jewish Lights:

Hanukkah Glasses:

The next day, I went Christmas shopping with Nudy at South Coast. I slept over at Nudy's and the next day, we managed to go to the Warehouse Sale to buy discounted designer jeans. It was retail hell this weekend, aka, my wallet is empty.

Trying on shiz:

$ HO $ HO $ HO!!! $$$Happy Holidays!$$$

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Anonymous said...


I totally understand what you're going through. Lately, my irrational (making yours a rational one, let me add) is being involved in a driveby shooting. This, is coming from a country where this does not happen (much, at least). So every time a car drives by (which is a lot) I find myself holding my breath, a fear sweep over me, and then feeling really relieved when nothing happens.

Being afraid of driving a car is an interesting thing. You can't avoid it, it's for sure. And avoiding freeways...that's just becoming my neighbor's wife (she's also my neighbor) who has to have her husband (my neighbor...understand this nonsensical trend?) take time off from work (which is losing money) to drive her places. This totally negates the fact that they saved up to buy her a car.

I've often been afraid of driving (esp. on freeways). And whenever it's suggested that I come up to Pasadena (hint) so we can commute to the Tofu Festival (I curse the ineffectiveness of the metro system), I get nervous, but eventually abide in the name of all things tofuDELISH. So in other words, I don't know how to cure you, but know there are others out there like you, be thankful you're not driving in India, Turkey, etc. where people are literally out-of- their-minds drivers, and most importantly, SUCK IT UP (I'm saying this not to be mean) because I'm not going to shuttle you around for the rest of your life (now, I'm being cheeky). [Void if you get rich enough to hire a driver.]

In other news, why does your friend...NO, NO...why do YOU look hugantous in front of that christmas tree? And what are hannukah glasses? I want hannukah glasses. I think this is the first hannukah I've spent sans a jew. How sad.