Sunday, November 05, 2006

It was taken out of context.

Maybe it's because of the looming election, but, I've been increasingly impatient with people who don't take responsibilities for their own comments. I don't understand how people can blame others, but I especially don't understand how people can take very clear and non-ambiguous comments and say they were, "taken out of context." If you say something like, "That girl is a raging bitch," you can't go back and say that it was taken out of context. People who only hear that statement will get the same idea as the people who have been participating in the conversation all along. Unless you meant that the girl was actually a female dog, as in the animal with four legs and fur, there's no other way of understanding that sentence. You can't blame anyone else for bad-mouthing a person you don't like. Own up to it!! That is the one thing I can admire about Rush Limbaugh, despite the fact that he is basically the scum of this universe. He does own up to his comment and run with it, however screwed-up and bigoted it can be. ( Poor example, but I couldn't think of someone else at the top of my head. It's 3AM.)

In other un-related news, here is a photo re-cap of Saturday night:

Food Porn



What can I say. It was only days after Halloween, and there were random costumes lying around.


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Anonymous said...

lisa. you know what you have to try? The kobe beef roll at roy's. That shit. omg. is. IT.