Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Weekend as a Blonde.

I love Halloween, and everything about costumes and disguise. However, I'm amazingly lazy and a gigantic procrastinator. Therefore, sadly, I've never had a fantastic original costume.

This year, I was even less motivated because I was not planning on going to a costume party. I decided that I would buy a great wig, and I would go out to Hollywood and that would be enough. It really was. I had never had such a response in my life. Just the color of your hair can change the way people act towards you, and this weekend was a truly fascinating testimony to that theory. I observed the people's behavior in almost an empirical fashion while taking shots and eating olives. (I tend to steal olives from the bar. Sometimes I ask for them. Most of the time, I steal them. )

From the moment I got off the car, I got stares and cat calls. This is not me just talking out of my ass. My companion Peter was equally amazed at all the commotion. I got hit on about 200% more than usual. I got offered drinks a lot more than usual. People asked my name and my number left and right. I had a fake number and name ready. I'm sorry for the person whose number is actually 867-5309, but I am even more sorry for the guys that do not realize the fame of that number. ( It's part of a song, by the way, for you non-80's fan. )

They say blondes have more fun. I think people let blondes have more fun. They approach them more light-heartedly. They ask more fun (and dumb) questions. They feel you take more risks because you let peroxide take over your head. They believe all the ridiculous crap that falls out of your mouth. You know, they eat it all up. It's so easy to trick people when they're not paying attention to your intelligence.

Anyway, if you met a Jenny with the number 867-5309, you've been punked. (I'm kidding. I was not sly enough to say that my name was Jenny. My name was Mia. Mia Lee.)

I liked being a blonde. I think I'm too lazy to keep up with it, though. That's what Halloween is for, and even more so, that's what wigs are for.

Here are some snaps:

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Anonymous said...

oh lord, that is a fantastic look. i wore a ratty bright blue mullet wig on the bus on saturday night and got lots of free candy. (sk)

Anonymous said...

it is pretty fffffantastic.

I still missed cowgirl|girlcow though.

Anonymous said...

u jap.