Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The Halloween Season is upon us, so I will start my story today with the next sentence:

It is my understanding that my life was once saved by a ghost.

I used to have a very dangerous habit of lighting candles before going to bed and a very wasteful habit of leaving my DVD player on so I would fall asleep watching a movie. I usually never intended on either of those things happening, but one night, it did. I was watching "You've Got Mail" and lit some orchid candles in my single room, junior year of college. Sure enough, I fell asleep, and the candle light was still dancing in the night. (That was poetic.)
Suddenly, I heard a noise, and I woke up, just fast enough to see a dark figure rush out the door, and CLOSING it. My candle was blown out, with smoke still rising from it. Must be the wind, I thought, and checked the window. Nope. Windows closed. Must be one of my suitemates, I decided, and I went back to bed. That semester, I lived in the same suite with a wild pack of big burly lesbians, a semi-nudist, and a hippie and her 30 year boyfriend. It wouldn't have surprised me if one of them had snuck into my room to blow out my candles, because that's what lesbians, nudists, and hippies do. They take care of one another. I felt relieved and thankful for not having burned down the entire building.

The next morning, I asked my colorful suitemates if any of them had came into my room that night, and all of them said no. I was confused and started thinking about how maybe the candle just went out. However, I was positive that I had seen a something go out the door, and I KNEW that the door closed. What else could it have been, but a ghost? I decided that it was indeed a visit from the supernatural that had potentially saved my life. In my head, I imagine it as a Casper-type ghost, who just flies around to find something to do. I know these encounters are rare, so I now never light candles at night if I'm alone, because I probably won't meet such a generous ghost again.

This was a light-hearted story, but does not go with the true spirit of Halloween. I leave you with her to give you what this month is supposed to be about.

So children, be good, lest this woman haunt you for your wrong-doings! (Cue thunder bolt crash. MUAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA)

I spent last Halloween in mass at a gigantic cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, or as my friend Janet called it, "a huge Catholic orgasm." What will I do this year....?


Anonymous said...

i remember that story! (sk)

Carmen said...

dont scare me! you know i hate ghosts...

Anonymous said...

yes me too! and then we had that conversation about door locking. (yh)