Monday, October 02, 2006

NASTY (lookin) FOOD

I am a HUGE ( and I mean gigantic, magnanimous, ridonkulous) affectionato of culinary arts. Whenever I talk about food, I advertise about how appetizing something could be. Today, I am going the exact OPPOSITE direction, because I went to the LA County Fair, a place where only the words Fat, Fried, and Deep-Fried exist when it comes to food.

First up, we have a plate of Deep-Fried Oreos. My friends thought they were good. I thought it tasted like soggy Oreos soaked in oil.

Next, the typical fair food: Giant Turkey Leg and Aussie Battered Potatoes. The potatoes were actually delicious.
Next, a rabbit on a cake that looked like a pile of poop.
And last, but not the least disgusting, a Crispy Creme Chicken Sandwich. That is a glazed Crispy Creme doughnut sandwiching a fried chicken patty with Swiss cheese. It takes like what it looks like. Chicken and donuts.
I (accidentally) flung that shit on the ground when it was my turn to take a bite, because even starving children in Namibia would not eat that off of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's hands.

And just for fun, here's a question: what would Naoko and I look like if we had red bobs? Answer: cartoon characters. ( Especially Naoko.)

The End


Carmen said...

hahah i love when you talk about piles of poop

Anonymous said...

right on, daddio. nice haircut. -y

Lauren said...

I got so concerned for a moment that you had actually eaten the krispy kreme sandwhich, we saw it on Saturday and felt a little nauseated after that (though that could have been from something else....) I'm glad you took a picture though, I was wondering what it looked like.