Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Pretend that I'm writing this last night!

I try not to get political on public forums. This is the internet, so this is a public forum. I'm not huge on professing my personal political views, because I value neutrality in a lot of ways and want people to feel comfortable expressing their views to me without fear of my judgement. I've made exceptions when I feel really strongly about it, but I try not to be too preachy.

When I heard about the extension of the Bush era tax cut the morning of the 7th, I was genuinely confused. I was confused with the deal and what the Republicans think is good for Americans. The Bush era tax cut is extended - loss of revenue. They lowered Social Security pay roll - more loss of revenue towards the Social Security trust fund. They agreed to the extension of unemployment benefits - more spending. I know that the extension of the unemployment benefits was a compromise that the Republicans made. But I just don't understand how the Republicans want to control the national deficit without tax revenue. Isn't this simple math? If you don't want to subtract, but want to decrease a negative, you have to add.

This isn't an attack on the GOP. I just want an explanation. I want to understand how the GOP maintains the belief of small government and small taxes. I'm so confused right now with where the country is going, it makes my head spin. I also am confused with how some progressive liberal economists are encouraging constant spending, saying that it's stimulating, so my confusion is bipartisan.


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