Saturday, December 04, 2010

I'm wide awake today.

If you didn't notice, I wrote last night's post in near delirium. Ever since I started working, once the clock passes 10PM, I start to lose consciousness and can barely keep my eyes open.

I, however, am wide awake today because "Mean Girls" was on and anything Tina Fey writes will keep me up.

Today marks a week from my test. I've literally been studying for this test for the last 3 years. I did less-than-ok the first time, might have done OK on the second or royally screwed up the second time (don't ask), and this is my third time. Third time better be the mother-effin charm. Things are feeling alright, though. And Legally Blonde is now on AGAIN, which makes the whole process seem so easy. I kid not - this movie was on right before my tests the lasts two times. TBS must know that this is school application time.

I am really lucky to have people who have supported me throughout this whole process. My fam bam gets me little charms that are meant for academic success. When I was in Japan, I got my fortune told at a temple. It came out really negative, but it was just a piece of paper that provided the bad fortune, so I'm not sweating it. When you get a bad fortune at a Japanese temple, you can tie it on this little rack to wish it away. You can see my determination to decide my own future in this picture:

I'm going to keep this spirit until the end of the year. Make my own fortune, biaatch!

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