Sunday, December 05, 2010

Delayed start.

I came back from Japan exactly a week ago, and I am still feeling the aftermath. I have done this trip so many times in my life but this is the worse jet lag I've experienced in the last several years. I can fall asleep at a regular hour-ish now, but I constantly feel sleep deprived, regardless of how much I sleep.

Because of this dilemma, I woke up much later than I usually do this morning. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but it really isn't. Sunday is the day before Monday when you're supposed to get all errands completed to attack the week. The more I work, the more I value an efficient Sunday. I know this makes me sound like a militant crazy person, but it has worked the last couple of years.

This morning, I woke up about 2 hrs later than I usually do, despite going to bed the night before no later than normal. It felt so wasteful, and I started thinking about how everything was going to be pushed back. But then I noticed how clear my brain felt and, despite cursing myself for waking up, how relaxed my body felt. I laid in bed remembering the days in high school when my mom practically had to literally kick me out of bed to get the day started. I don't know where that girl went. That girl had the laziest Sundays in the world. I used to do jack shit.

I want my lazy-do-jack-shit Sundays back. Granted, those days were also when my mom did all of my cooking, and the only thing I had to take care of was completing my homework. I also didn't always finish my homework. Life was so simple then, and I couldn't even fully do what I was supposed to.

When I'm home for the holidays, it feels like those times of lazy ass days. I can't friggin wait. 20 more days!

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