Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pitzer Cameo

I made a brief (well, it wasn't that brief) cameo in one of my professor's classes at my college today to do a presentation about the Fulbright, with my fellow Californian PZ Fulbrighter Leanne. It was my first time being back on the active campus since I graduated, and MAN.... I MISS SCHOOL!!!!

The moment I stepped on to the campus, I literally whined, out loud, " I want to go back to schoooooollll. I hate my jobbbbbbbbbbbbb." Just like a college-bound 5 year-old.

I know you guys must be sick and tired of my bitching, so I'll make it quick. I want to be a professional student and leave this work bull-shiz.

Ok done.

The presentation went nicely. The students asked some good questions, and I lead a small discussion group later about how to write a proposal. It is amazing how much support Pitzer gives to students with the Fulbright, because I know many students from other schools who don't even know their Fulbright advisor. (Our gracious advisor brought cookies to the computer lab late at night, while checking our proposals.)

It's also quite a scene to witness the Fame of The Fulbright on campus. Now, everyone wants to get one, even juniors and sophomores. When I applied for it, the scholarship was known a good deal, but there were only 25 or so that applied. This year, there are about 70 prospective candidates. Are YOUUUUUU ready to be Pitzer's Next American Idol??? (Are you, Pat???) (I heard about the corny PowerPoint Nigel made. I want to see it.)

I'm excited for this year's seniors. I am heavily biased so I already have my personal hopefuls in my mind, but GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!!! If you need any help, let me know and I will be more than happy to give you my wisdom. (Or whatever that is left in my Corporate-Washed Noggin.)

This post was useless to you if you didn't go to my college. Just know that it was an AWESOME school. Yessum.

I want to go back to schoooooollllllllll.....

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pat m. said...

lisa, you are a rock star.