Sunday, September 03, 2006

Man o man.

May he rest in peace, man, may he rest in peace.

He died from a massive sting ray attack. Go figure. At least he died while doing something he loved.


y to the v said...

i find it very ironic that it wasn't from un cocodrillo.

y to the v said...

in other news, i think i ruined my chances of having a l'auberge espagnole experience. shoot, i'm really bummed.

y to the v said...

who is this person who's y to the v? it's yvonne.

Carmen said...

you crack me up - thats exactly what i said " at least he died doing something he loved"

Irony: he was filming "ocean's deadliest creatures"

Irony: only like 17 people have died from a stingray puncture - if it had puncture anywhere else he would have lived.

Irony: stingrays are awesome.