Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Train of Thoughts While On The Train

This is my train of thoughts while on the train to work every morning, in chronological order:

1. Pheewww, made the Express train.
It's a constant battle. I always end up running towards the train to make it.

2. Ok, now my book. Chapter 3...
I like reading on the train.

3. ...............
At this point, I have no thoughts because I almost always fall asleep.

4. Ah shit! Union Station!
I am awakened, because I have to get off. Good thing it's the last stop on the line, because otherwise, I might be circling Los Angeles in the train forever.

Then I go down to the Red Line..

5. FIDM girls are fug.
The Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing is right by my work, so there are always students from that school on the Red Line. Most of the girls that I've seen look like they just rolled out of bed. T-shirt with gym shorts! I don't care if they look fug because they look outrageous. They look fug because they look like they don't care. I mean, what would you think if you saw an obese nutritionist? That's how I feel about these people. If someone has an explanation for this, I am open for discussions. And, are there any guys at this school? I have not seen a single one with those FIDM totes, so I assume no, but then again, I suppose a guy going to FIDM would not be carrying around that generic tote.

6. Goddamn it, another girl with nice slacks and flip-flops.
I am very much a Los Angeles girl except for the fact that I take public transportation and that I don't own flip flops. I see women dressed up to the nines in their work clothes but wearing those Old Navy-type rubber flip-flops. It looks FUG! Many of my friends are guilty of this too.

7. There's that same happy homeless guy again. I think I'll give him a quarter today.
I mean, there's no explaining that one.

and last but not least,

8. Damn... I'm at work...

And then I start thinking in Japanese because it's Japan Land in my office.

Thus ends my commute thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Aw shucks. Guilty. My mom hates it.

I never noticed that you don't own flipflops. How weird.


Anonymous said...

so like. do you just hold a book and not read?

Carmen said...

youre a whore - i wear flip flops with nice pants.

Just want til you get to new york, youll be whistling a different tune

Anonymous said...

you tell her, carmen!