Sunday, November 06, 2011

What law school has been.

Law school is not easy. But it's also not impossible.

So far, I've really enjoyed what I've learned, and wish I can stay here and learn forever. It hasn't been easy, but what it has been is an exercise of expanding my mental capacity. When I say expanding my mental capacity, I don't mean that in a broaden-my-horizon way. I mean testing how much information I could fit in my brain and applying that information to a new set of information I am reading at the moment.

So far, I haven't had an opportunity to be creative about legal analysis, and have been going by the books. I kind of like that, at the moment. I like being told what to do and doing it properly. I don't expect to enjoy this kind of didactic learning forever, but I appreciate it right now as I buckle down on the basics.


Jadina said...

Well, i hope you stick to it and enjoy it! its really hard studying such a prestigious and broad major.. It can get pretty hard but it is worth it with what you do learn!

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