Saturday, January 02, 2010

I <3 LA (run)

After a slew of holiday indulgences, I was more than ready for my long run in my beloved hometown.

I started out from my parents' house and headed east towards San Marino. I entered a really expensive residential area near Huntington Library, which is a mansion surrounded by gardens, tall bushes, and palm trees. It always reminds me of the outside of Jurassic Park. I love running in that area because it's really hilly and it keeps things interesting. Here's a hill I tackled. (Yes, it's a self-timed photo, and that tiny person is me.)

I then went towards Pasadena, and ran through the southern parts of Old Town, and ran back towards my parents' house. This is my 3 city run, going from South Pasadena, San Marino, Pasadena, and back to South Pasadena. I repeated this several times during my last marathon training, and I love the green scenery, the shades, the clear side walks, and the silence of suburban neighborhoods. (I'm sure it's Desperate Housewives mayhem inside those houses.)

I love running in the suburbs of LA because it's so calming and carefree. I can truly zone out (for the most part) because I'm running in practically people-free sidewalks, and the climate is as stress-free as the run. There are some perks to urban running that I've been doing in Manhattan and Queens, but I definitely missed these runs too.

It was a pretty strong and steady run, and I came home to a sleeping old darling adorable lovable dog. He just turned 13 a few days ago, and I try to make sure to acknowledge his presence whenever possible. He, for the most part, is not as enthusiastic about my unconditional attention, but entertains me because he's too lazy to protest.

I enjoyed my time outside in the sun and 70 degree weather. It was a nice last LA run before the actual marathon in March. Next week might just be the first time I will have to hit 20 miles, but the weather is not looking very positive in NYC... we'll see.



yv said...

there's a whole blog centered around the concept of self-timed photos: running as fast as you can away from the camera in those 10 seconds!!! some people don't get very far, but you look like you marathoned your butt away.

so good to catch up with you this break and recall our freak SE similarities.

leelu said...

awww, southern cali misses you already! i can't wait to cheer you on in march during the marathon!
and i LOVE the self-timer pic.
all <3 for you... and i read... so you have more than one reader. :-)

Lisa said...

thanks you two! definitely feeling the PZ love.

Chelsea said...

Hey Lisa! I love this small world we live in... it was SO awesome to discover that you and Ilene know each other. She is a rad chick, which is why it makes so much sense that you two are friends from way back :) West African dance was the shit!

Also, thanks for the positive note about nursing school... I'm sorry about your law school situation, but it makes me feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one feeling rejected! Good for you for moving to NY (exciting!)... very different from SoCal, eh?

And congrats on your marathon business! I ran in the SF Marathon this past summer, but kinda fell off the wagon immediately following it (I only trained for about 4 months and my body wasn't really equipped for that distance). I'm hoping to gear up to a half marathon sometime this year, so I'm excited to keep up with your training here on your blog!