Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ugh bug.

This dilemma again.

I've been looking for jobs that have somewhat of a logical continuation to the job that I previously had. I loved my last job, and even more, I loved my organization. ( SHOUT OUT TO LTSC!) I gained a family in a setting that I never imagined I would find myself in, and I wouldn't trade that experience for the world. For. The. World. Deciding to work there is easily one of the best decisions I've made in my life so far.


New York City is notoriously expensive. I'm already paying much more in rent than what I paid in Los Angeles. However, the jobs that I'm finding attractive, getting interviews for, and giving me a chance, are positions that pay the same, if not slightly LESS than what I used to make.

I started looking at corporate positions today. Now, I have to tell you all straight up, I have ZERO judgment about corporate jobs. I think it's just as responsible to plan for your future and have positions that will allow you to have a safety net, as it is to work in a service providing position like I did. In fact, I'm being selfish by getting my conscious jolleys doing non-profit work, and kind of ignoring my future.

There's a job right now that I really really REALLLYYY am interested in, but the pay is low. However, the experience I will gain will be remarkable, especially when I think about post-graduate education.

But am I not young enough any more to take a job for the "experience"?

I'm scared that I might have just crossed that line this year. I want to believe that I'm not. I know I'm still young. But am I now in a position where I seriously have to start thinking about security over potential career advancement? Should I already be advancing in my career and really think about stabilizing myself? Or am I young enough (as in do I have enough time) to do a job that will give me network and skills that *MIGHT* make me a better person and a better candidate for future job/school opportunities?

The corporate jobs that I found and applied for today, resemble the temp position that I was really bored with before my job at LTSC. But, the pay difference is ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. The fact that I speak Japanese makes it jump so much, and it twists my heart and makes me sweat. However, a) I have no actual job experience in these fields, i.e. finance, business analysis, etc etc, and b) I know that I'll feel bored/anxious/like I don't fit.


Insights will be greatly appreciated...

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PKuo said...

You already made such a huge leap coming out to NY! Don't let anything else stop you from what you want to do! I don't think it's selfish to want a job that fulfills you right now. What would be the point of you moving to New York if 40 hrs a week you're miserable?!?

I say hold out and eat beans...

Be happy!!!!!

Muah! Lover you for sticking this madness out with me. Phew!