Monday, August 17, 2009


I am a sloth.

Today is arguably one of the hottest day of the summer in NYC. I can do heat. I can. But humidity has become a beast that I can't seam to tame.

Today is also arguably the least productive day I've had since I moved here. I have been sweating since 9AM, and haven't really moved since then, either. I've only moved to fix myself something to eat. ( I never lose my appetite because of weather, or anything, for that matter. When I don't feel like eating, I know that it's deathly serious.)

I finally peeled myself off of the ground and got to the nearby Starbucks to apply for jobs.

Phew. Chilly.

Say what you will about Starbucks (as in: their drip coffee tastes like shit, they're a huge heartless corporation, and they're coffee is overpriced). I can't find another place in the universe that makes me as productive as Starbucks. I easily wrote 80% of my 65-page senior thesis in college at a Starbucks near my apartment. My college roommate Carmen can attest to that, because I saw the baristas there more often than I saw her.

Anyhoo, just another update to my peoples in LA that I am alive (and that I am still the shiniest, sweatiest person in NYC.)


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Peter Kuo said...

I lover you too! I'm glad we're doing this together. Even though it's only been a day, I feel like I'm spending more time with you then when we were living together....weird...

Hugz and here's to a good day for you tomorrow!