Thursday, January 29, 2009

Like Peas and Carrots

Forrest Gump said that he and JeNAAiii were like peas and carrots.

That's what I was thinking about this morning, while I was driving to work. I was eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich (totally not hands-free driving), listening to my audio book (Barack Obama's Audacity of Hope - highly recommended, but Dreams of My Father is even more recommended), and while I was paying attention to Barack Obama's take on how to fix the economy, I got distracted by the wonderfulness of the combination of peanut butter and banana. I've been eating this sandwich for breakfast for about a year now. I don't know if the banana was just better this morning, or I had gotten the ratio of the PB and B just right, but it was so delicious today, and it got me thinking about pairing of food. Hence, it got me thinking about the Peas and Carrots reference. It also reminded me of the enthusiasm my 60+ year old Executive Director from work showed, when he was telling me about the greatness of Yogurtland fro-yo with red beans. "It's like hot dogs and mustard!"

The American in me puts peanut butter and banana in at least the top 5 of food combinations, but here are some others that are Western and wonderful pairings:
- potato and ketchup
- potato and cheese
- cheese with fruit perserves ( like membrillo and cheese.... oh.. HEAVEN!)
- pineapple and pizza
- guacamole and mango
I think I just like fruits with salty things. I go through 2 jars of peach salsa each week. I'm going to die from hypertension.

When I get in touch with my Japanese side, I think about these:
- eggplant and miso
- eggplant and miso and RICE ( I'm going to exclude rice from now on, because, we all know it goes with everything. Apparently, it's even good for dessert. I don't like rice pudding, though)
- pasta and ketchup ( You are truly Japanese if you get me on this.)
- Japanese mayo and roe (masago) ( I don't like mayo, and seldom use it, but I make exceptions about the MSG-laden Kewpie mayo.)
- Red bean and kinako (soy flour)

Tell me your favorite food combinations!

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Louie said...

fresh eggs + soy sauce + rice

curry + udon

ketchup + pasta is a good one, but i might like ketchup and rice more. mmmmmmmm