Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a great night!

First, it started with Peter and I catching a UFC match on Showtime.  Yes.  A gay man and his hag watching Ultimate Fighting Championship.  We just randomly stumbled across it, and got immediately hooked when we realized how homo-erotic it was.  We probably weren't watching the match like we were supposed to (i.e. pointing out how ugly the fighters were, how gay their fighting positions were, and also squealing each time someone got kneed in the face) but towards the end, the fighting got really intense and we were totally caught up in it, until we both realized that we had other commitments.

Then, I went off to go watch a movie, and literally walked into a live Beach Boys concert.  Beach Boys!  In my neighborhood!  And even better, JOHN STAMOS!!!  Two nice people gave my friend and me entrance wristbands to the podiums, and we got to catch the last leg of the concert.  Kokomo!  Watching baby boomers jive to the Beach Boys (and John Stamos) was the cutest thing ever.

Finally, (nicely structured, don't you think?) we made it to the movie theater and watched the new Batman movie.  It was pretty good.  As a testament to its quality, it is close to 2AM and I am still awake, after just getting out the theaters.  And I did not fall asleep once!  

And now I sit here, munching on a delicious slice of whole wheat toast with apricot jam, letting you guys know how much I enjoyed tonight. 

Life is good.  Good night!

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yv said...

OMG. John Stamos. Uncle Jessie. What a hunk!