Wednesday, July 16, 2008

FOOD o' Summa!

Food that I've been eating constantly this summer.  I'm obsessed!

Cold brewed iced tea.  I just throw in a tea bag in a jar with some cold water, keep in in the fridge for an hour, and voila!  Iced tea for one. 

Chopped up spinach salad with chopped up fresh herbs thrown in.  This is a spinach + basil + mint mixture.  My obsession is to eat this with a balsamic vinegar, yogurt, and some fruit-type vinaigrette with some nuts. 

My ultimate obsession this summer:  Roasted Kabocha.  Roasted for 25 minutes in 375 degrees oven.  Marinated with balsamic vinegar, and soy sauce if I'm feeling sauce-y.  Try it.  I don't think it's actually in season, but I live in California.  We don't have seasons.  Plus, this is probably from some where in South America, anyway.  


Adora Calcium supplement.  Calcium supplement in the form of dark chocolate.  Let me tell ya, I'm SEVERELY picky about my dark chocolates, and this one is decent.  (Could use a little bit more of a punch, though.)  Added 500 mg of calcium plus Vitamin D + K?  YEsssss....

Yum yum. 


Betsy said...

i never knew you could do that with tea. i'm a tea fanatic but want iced tea in the summer but dont' have a huge fridge and dont' have the patience for it to cool down.

you are the smartest person ever. i swear.

Betsy said...

haha-i think we just commented on eachother's blogs at exactly the same time.