Wednesday, October 10, 2007

5 artists you HATE.

A co-worker of mine presented this question to me as I was leaving work on Monday: Who are the top 5 music artists you hate?

I was about to leave but ended up staying an extra hour just thinking about it and discussing it.

Try making your list. It's actually quite hard. I have been thinking about it for 2 days, and I can only lock down 3. Here's my list (in no particular order):

1. Eddie Murphy

He made horrible records. "Party All The Time" is one of the most annoying songs in the history of pop music. That one he made with Michael Jackson is not worth mentioning. He thought he was Michael. No. Just... no.

2. R Kelly

I think I'll get a lot of dispute on this one. Let me first say, that I recognize his talent. I can see that he's a musically skilled man. But I still hate all of his songs, because they all make me feel like I've been lyrically molested. I also hate those songs where he has conversations with Mr. Big. And the crazy saga that he recently created? I'll admit, I watched some of those and found them hilarious. But the point is, will I ever spend money on him? No. Although, one song I admit to liking is "Step in the Name of Love". That's it.

3. Limp Bizkit

It's not really Limp Bizkit I hate. It's mainly Fred Durst. I hate men who whine, and I especially hate White men who wine. I only really like the cover they did of "Faith". Otherwise, I don't like any of their records.

Mainly, my "hate" of artists is determined by whether I would ever spend money on any of their products or not. I would offend myself if I spent any of my hard earned money on these 3 artists.

You try making a list. It's really difficult.

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