Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Future Home


The (amateur) panoramic was taken from my New Favorite Place, Brooklyn Heights.

I swear, I am moving out there one of these days. At least while I'm in my 20's, or while I feel like I'm still in my 20's.

I went to go visit some friends last weekend in the Big Apple, mainly my college roommate Carmen. It was her birthday weekend AND Martin Luther King Jr's birthday (hence Monday off of work) so timing could not have been better. I've been a couple times before, but this trip has solidified my desire and motivation to move out there. I'm comin' out everyone! I'm indeed Bi-coastal (future tense implied).

It was a whirlwind trip which ended in a blink. I had an amazing time and would like to take this place to thank my GFF (girlfriend forever) Carmen for showing me a great time and introducing me to all of her friends. AAAAAAAND additionally, I got to reunite with all of my Madrid Fulbright friends, which was indeed the cherry on top. It was amazing how it felt like nothing had changed.

Aside from "Happy Birthday Carmen," the other on-going theme of the weekend was "Lisa, you should move here." It was as if someone was dangling a steak ( a big FAT New York steak) in front of me. ( I actually don't like red meat much, but anything New York will make me salivate at this point.)

Recap of the weekend in fotos:

The now regular paparazzi photo. (Lindsay Lohan Version 2.0) (Carmen, send me the other ones and I could do a special paparazzi blog. Our fans will love it. Fans being ourselves.)


I am "belting" out "Gangsta's Paradise" there, although I look entirely too happy for that song.

Birthday kids blowing out the candles!


Phew. That took a while to upload. Show me some love, while I secretly plan my return to the city.


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