Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This post is only about shoes and Britney Spears

I found the cutest shoe store today right on Fair Oaks Ave in South Pasadena. These are my new Dorothy shoes. You can't tell, but the red is verrrrry red and it's velvet. It has a peep hole, and it's flat, and it's Brazilian. And! Washable!

Advice for you ladies: you can go as wild as you want with shoes and get away with it. If you have a color you love yet are hesitant to buy clothes in that hue, buy the shoes the way you desire. Also, buy shoes that are a sharp contrast to what you usually wear. I tend to wear a lot of cool colors like blue and green, so my shoes are bright red and pink. It works. Trust me. I'm not a huge fan of matching colors. My new thing is also wearing really bright shoes while wearing all black. Try it G! I take this from my beloved great aunt, who still sports gold Keds at the age of 70-something.

The television just told me, "Stay tuned to see where Britney Spears dropped $5000! You can shop there too!"

Honestly, who would want to shop where Britney Spears gets her clothes? You would have to pay me $5000 first.

That is the end to my fluff entry.

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