Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Flip Side

It's been 2 months since I've been from Madrid and I am going through reverse culture shock, which just means that I really miss Madrid and the friends I made over there.

When I came back, it felt normal to be back and my life in Madrid felt like a dream. I've had that experience before, so it wasn't new. My return was sweetened a great deal, thanks to my friends who surprised me when I entered my house right when I came back from the airport.

Now life is boring, and I don't even have a whole lot to bitch about because it's boring. I hate complain entries, anyway.

I started my temp job, which is a cross cultural experience in itself. It's a normal office job, but it's also where I am 1 of 3
Americans in an office of at least 40 people. Everyone else is Japanese. I speak 5 words of English a day and the rest is Japanese.

Office jobs are boring in every country and culture, I've learned. However, there are some things that I scratch my head about. 1 main thing is that the men and women don't eat together during lunch. The men go out to eat, and the women bring lunches and eat in the kitchen. This is my first office job ever, so maybe this is how it is...? It also can be said that the men have better jobs and have more money so they go out, whereas we are budgeting. (Which blows.) Also, for SOME reason, all the men are referred to by their last name (expect for the one American guy) and all the women are referred to by their first name. That makes it sound like my office is a "Yes master, of course master, here's your tea, master," type of environment, but I swear that it isn't. I wouldn't last if it was something like that. Some of the women are on the same level, career-wise, as the men but they're still referred by the first name. I DON'T GET IT. I shall report back when I find out.

It's late, and my brain is mush. I'm sorry I couldn't be funny.

Oh, and I got a Mac.

I'm a casual Mac user. I'm not about the computer wars, just like how I'm not about the Middle East war. My life is about balancing two things, and that's what Imma do. I have to tell you one thing, though. This blog has polk-a-dots behind the text where my posts are. I can see it fine on my computer, but when I look at it on a PC, I can't see it unless I leaaaaan to the side. So, you PCers, leaaaaaaan to the side and that's how I see my page.


p.s. I've recently been trying to solve the mystery of lonleygirl15 on youtube. Can anyone tell me what the deal is? New York Times got me hooked on it.


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damn!! that was fast! i just posted a minute ago!

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i miss you :O

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your computer is so beautiful.