Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So did ya hear?

New York City was on hurricane warning this past weekend. It came and went, and apparently the aftermath is more deadly than the actual storm.

Anyway, it was my first natural disaster that I had to endure on my own. I searched the city far and wide for a flashlight and battery-powered/hand-cranked radio but I came up empty handed. In place, I had my semi-broken iPod Nano and candles with Jesus and Virgin Mary all over them.

My mom suggested that I get a flashlight and radio even after the storm past, for the next weather-related event. New York is kind of prone to weather extremes. My mom then offered to send it to me, since I'm lacking on free time right now with law school. I got the package today, and I am now officially ready for a storm. I just have to make sure not to eat my storm food and use my storm baby wipe stock.


Kiera Jo said...

Hooray! Way to be prepared. :) I hope law school is going well, and good luck with the frequent photo-updating!

unwashedflyer said...

glenn beck, the religious right talkshow host who fox has kicked out since a while back and the same person (along with others) who has blamed gays and lifestyles for natural disasters just like hurricane irene as gods righteous anger on the united states of america now says that this hurricane is a blessing! what a champ!