Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer 2011

Greetings, Internet.

I wanted to just give you a brief update of my life, and also record it for my own good so that I don't forget.

First of all, I just wanted let you know that I got into law school. After all that Internet bitching, the least I could do was to let you know that I was being a drama queen, and yes. It worked out. I'll be back in New York in the fall to start at Brooklyn Law School.

For the summer, I decided to come home and not work. It's a selfish thing to do, and I know I'm extremely privileged to have parents that allow me to do that. I missed Los Angeles, and I figured that this was my last summer of no obligations.

It has been the best summer I have had in a long time. I'm home and get to eat my mother's cooking every day. My sister is back from Japan and living at home temporarily as well. My brother has been back twice this summer, which is the most I've got to see him in a while. My father is pulling us all together with his jolliness, as always.

I've also been volunteering at LTSC and reconnecting with my old co-workers, who are dear friends. I made some new personal and professional connections in Little Tokyo. I made some mini-trips that were all lovely.

Now I have about a month left in LA before I start school, and I am both excited and sad. I'm excited to start school and go back to NYC. I am sad that I'll be leaving my family friends again. BUT! I am EFFIN ready for the next chapter for my life!

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