Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update and nerves.

Monday- Swim with my 6:30AM older Chinese ladies posse at the gym. CHECK
Tuesday - Easy or fast run, depending on my legs. I'm hoping for a 6 miler. CHECK
Wednesday - Walk + Run interval on the treadmill (barfhateBORING), and weights. CHECK (and not so bad)
Thursday - Fast run. CHECK
Friday - Swim and weights.
Saturday - Whatever I feel like, and that won't kill me. Carb party.
Sunday - 20+ mile / JUDGEMENT DAY.

Today is Thursday (like I needed to remind you), and I'm so nervous.

I realized yesterday that what I've been doing above is not ideal, and that I might break myself, since it's less than a month from my marathon now. I didn't plan well, which I NEVER do. I decided to run this thing last week. I must be insane bananas.

But I HAVE to get this 20 miler down, otherwise I'm never going to make it. I know I can do the 20 miler, but I'm afraid of what it would do to me on the day of the marathon (which is on the 25th).

You thought this was going to end with some coherent thought at the end, but nope. I got NUTTIN. I'm just fraackin' nervous.

I guess I just have to look forward to that Carb Party. Anyone want to join??? Blueberry muffins at Souplantation!

P.S. I've been Twittering: find me, I'm lisa_speaks. I love Twitter, but not to follow my friends. Love them to death, but I can care less if they're eating or drunk or illegally updating from their car in traffic (if they're in CA). What I LOVE about Twitter is following celebrities, like Shaq, Peter Segal, and Christopher Walken. It's like I get a joke from them everyday.

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