Sunday, April 26, 2009

Holy shitty run, Batman!


I ran 13 miles today, and it was the shittiest 13 miles I've ever ran.  It has SHAT on my confidence about this marathon. 

To start off, I went to a very fun carb-filled party last night, and wasn't too smart about what I was eating, or what I was drinking.  Basically, I ate too many fatty and salty foods, and I drank soda and sake.  Smart.  I've adapted this "I can shove anything in my mouth because I'm training!" mentality, and today is proof that the above is NOT true. 

What ticks me off even more, is that today was GORGEOUS.  I was such pleasant weather.  There was a nice breeze, the temperature was just right, and I was so excited to go on the run.  The first 3 miles, this time around, were actually not too bad.  Number 5 and 6 were so so.  7-13 were absolute disasters.  I was getting really dehydrated (and still had not gotten any kind of water pack), and I started getting a cramp in my stomach.  It's the type of cramp you get when you first start as a runner.  That cramp that you get on your first run EVER, where everything hurts around the 2nd mile, and when you get that sharp pain on your side.  THAT one.  Ugh.  I had to stop and walk a couple of times, which I hate doing, because it brakes my tempo.  Then, around the last mile, I TOTALLY. ATE. SHIT.  I fell, stubbed my toe, scraped a little of my knee, and if I weren't holding my broken watch, I would have done a number on my hand.  Thankfully, my watch took the impact and is all scratched up.  

I've tripped before, but had enough strength in my legs to not fall down.  I suppose my limbs were weak at that point, and I just fell.  A car passed by, and totally saw the whole thing, and stopped and reversed, but as soon as she saw me get up, she went on her merry way.  I'm fine, but it was just the poo icing on the crap run.  To top it off with ca-ca cherry, I'm prettttyy sure I saw a dead cat on my route.  It was sprawled out on the grass, and looked as if it was napping, but when I saw that it's eyes were rolled back and kind of lifeless, it didn't look as endearing.  I wasn't sure, though, and I ran past it and didn't have the guts to go back and check.  Sorry, cat.  I later went home to my parents' and saw my dog in the exact same position in our backyard, but he was happily snoring, and it made me feel a little better.  

Sigh... now I'm QUITE nervous.  I'm still going to tackle the 20+ mile next Sunday, but this time around, I'm going to eat at Souplantation, instead of a Filipino family food party, and opt for the salad bar instead of the lumpia bar.  I'll save the lumpia bar for AFTER my 20+ miler.  

Here's my plan for the week:  
Monday- Swim with my 6:30AM older Chinese ladies posse at the gym.  (I am one of the youngest people at the gym at that time, and am CLEARLY the youngest person in the pool.  The pool is dominated by Chinese ladies in their 50s - 60s, and they treat me like Michael Phelps, because I can do more than doggy paddle.  They are really sweet, and try to include me in their gang. )
Tuesday - Easy or fast run, depending on my legs.  I'm hoping for a 6 miler. 
Wednesday - Walk + Run interval on the treadmill (barfhateBORING), and weights.
Thursday  - Fast run.
Friday - Swim and weights. 
Saturday - Whatever I feel like, and that won't kill me.  Carb party. 
Sunday - 20+ mile / JUDGEMENT DAY.  

My toe still kind of hurts.  And my ring toenail has been blue for about a week.  I have disgusting feet, and I am proud of that.  

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Sarah (lovINmytummy) said...

You are hilarious. I love the word shat. I don't love dead cats. I no longer love long runs either. I hope you have some good runs that you enjoy soon. Otherwise, don't do it.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love it when you delurk ;)